Bangladesh wishing to identify and enhance the historic places linked to its liberation in Tripura: Sent

Dec 16 2021 15:17 STI

Agartala (Tripura) [India], Dec. 16 (ANI): Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner Mohammad Jobayed Hosen said Thursday that Dhaka was eager to identify and develop historically significant places linked to the country’s liberation war.
“This is an important question and a few days ago I raised the issue with one of the ministers of the Tripura government for a correct identification of these places,” Hosen said Thursday, speaking to reporters on the sidelines. 50th Victory Day celebrations. .
Hosen also said his office raised the issue with Tripura Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy during a preparatory meeting regarding the Indo-Bangla Tourism Festival.
Describing the challenges associated with the tasks, he said: “Five decades have already passed and a lot of changes have taken place. We are trying to gather information which will be followed by appropriate marking of the places.
“The historic training camps from which the Mukti Bahini operated and strategized warfare are very difficult to identify as there is no evidence of them. We need the exact description of the areas to develop these sites as as war memorials, “he added.
Asked how many such places in Tripura, the envoy said Hosen said this was an ongoing process that has been slowed down by COVID-19.
He added that from now on, Indo-Bangla Maitri Park in Chottakhola has been identified as one of those historic places.

The bunkers built during the Classic War of Chottakhola are still there and it is perhaps the biggest place, Hosen added.
Pointing out that Habul Banerjee’s Garden is another such place, he said, as it appears the total number of places would be over 20 in the state as millions of refugees have taken refuge in Tripura, where were training camps, refugee camps and cemeteries which needed to be carefully identified.
“There are many cemeteries where the remains of Pakistani soldiers and Razakars were also buried. So we have to be very careful and precise when finalizing a place,” Hosen said.
The office of the Deputy High Commission on Thursday held a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the Victory Day celebration in Bangladesh.
War veterans were congratulated during the service and a discussion took place on Tripura’s contribution to the Bangladesh Liberation War.
Tripura Legislative Assembly Speaker Ratan Chakraborty also took part in the event and described the rise of Bangladesh as an independent country and Tripura’s role in liberating its neighbor.
“Tripura has welcomed more people from Bangladesh than its current population, extending its support against the tyranny of the time,” said Chakraborty, adding, “Tripura has played a crucial role and the government of Bangladesh accepts it as well. (ANI)

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