Lowell Area Historical Museum looking to renew mileage in November


LOWELL, Michigan – The Lowell Area Historical Museum is looking to renew the mileage during the November election.

The museum displays pieces of the city’s history dating back to 1848. Officials say that by voting yes, it allows them to tell the parts not yet written.

“Lowell has an amazing story,” Lisa Plank said, the museumexecutive director of. “It’s one thing to read about the story in a book, but quite another to see it in front of you and realize that it relates directly to you.”

The museum features over 190 years of stories, artifacts and images, which include Lowell’s key role in the early days of Michigan’s fur trade history, being home to one of most prominent architects in the country, and how showboats became popular in the city dubbed after entertaining cruises.

“Local history is especially important for understanding the place and how it developed and what were the key events in their past,” Plank said.

According to Plank, 35,000 people visit the museum each year and up to 150,000 go online.

The museum began in 2003 after voters approved a mileage that would partially fund the museum’s running costs.

A mileage has already been renewed once with “overwhelming support”.

Renewing this year would keep the tax rate at 0.25 thousandths or 25 cents for every $ 1,000 of assessed value. It provides about $ 20,000.

“It really helps ensure the day-to-day operations that we do: school programs, public exhibits, artefact maintenance,” Plank said.

Without the funds, Plank says their services would likely decline dramatically. She encourages people to vote yes.

“I don’t think we would be able to continue doing the programming and the services that we do if we lost this,” Plank said. “We hope the community will continue to support what we do here and see and appreciate everything we do in the community.”

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