New Escape Room Experience Lets Teams Book Davidson County Historical Museum


Usually, the staff at the Davidson County Historical Museum want visitors to take their time when touring the historic pre-Civil War building to enjoy the exhibits and architecture.

But a new escape room activity puts daring participants out as quickly as possible. Escape the Museum is a new family activity that museum staff are offering and testing in February.

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“We were looking for a way for the public to experience the museum in a different and safe way during the pandemic,” said Caitlin Williams-Cole, director of the historical museum. “We were also looking for a way to offer more programs for families and children.”

Groups of up to six book the entire two-story museum for their escape room play date. Besides the staff, the players will be the only ones in the building to play.

Museum escape groups will use their teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, decision-making and communication skills to get out.

The Escape Room-style family experience lets kids and adults work together to solve puzzles and puzzles, find hidden objects and unlock clues as they progress through a series of challenges placed in museum exhibits. The goal is to complete all challenges, advance through each exhibit, and escape in less than an hour.

Reservations to play are available from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. The cost is $10 per group only in February for tester groups. Museum staff are using the early groups as test players so they can learn how to improve the escape room experience. The price will increase to $15 or $20 per group during the month of March.

Escape the Museum is a beginner level escape room experience. It was created for children, Williams-Cole said. However, beginner-level adult-only groups would also find the activity fun. At least one adult must be part of a group of six including children.

“We had a group of experienced players in the escape room who finished the game in 17 minutes,” Williams-Cole said. Beginner level groups should take close to an hour.

Games are limited to one group per day.

The escape game is also a way for museum staff to attract people who have not yet visited museum exhibits. The game uses the exhibits to hide clues and objects for players to interact with the exhibits.

The fees help cover the cost of materials for the game, but also support future exhibits and programs at the historical museum.

For more information on Escape the Museum or to check availability and reserve a game hour, use the link on the museum website. You can also call the museum at (336) 242-2035. Arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.

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