The Clark County Historical Museum will continue its “Rebel Women of Clark County” series


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The Clark County Historical Museum will continue its “(Her) Story: Rebel Women of Clark County” series on Thursday, March 3.

During the presentation, April Buzby will tell the stories of “two extraordinary women,” Elizabeth Jane Herrington Irwin and Mary Ellen Bates, who served in World War I and World War II.

The presentation will discuss how Irwin’s story nearly faded into obscurity after a clerical error, and discuss Bates’ experience in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, a press release said.

“There are so many amazing women who have left their mark on this community and only a handful are really getting the buzz,” Buzby said in the statement. “Even these women we all think we know have become more of a myth than a true representation of who they were. I hope this project will provide Clark County with the opportunity to meet these women for who they really were.

The release describes Buzby as a talented social impact strategist whose career has created more ethical policies for marginalized communities. Although she worked for 10 years in public policy at the national level, Buzby has since shifted gears to focus on advocacy and her historical storytelling, the statement said.

Buzby holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from Keene State College and a master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of Oregon. Buzby is currently the outreach and public programming manager at the Clark County Historical Museum to uncover Clark County’s forgotten histories and communities, the statement said.

General admission for the event is $5, seniors and students are $4, and children under 18 are $3. The event is free to members of the Clark County Historical Museum, veterans, and active duty military personnel. The statement said attendees should arrive early as space is limited. Proof of vaccination will also be required.

For more information, contact the museum at 360-993-5679 or email

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