The flood of new jobless claims have swept the United States


According to the largest financial information portal, applications for benefits have fallen further. We know that unemployment in the United States is a complex and important subject. Therefore, experts try to fully cover this topic. For example, in the past week the number of such requests was about 240,000. During the study, seasonal fluctuations were taken into account. As a result, the number of requests decreased by 23,000 compared to the previous week. In this regard, many have begun to take same day payday loans.

The study found that unemployment insurance claims fell for the second week in a row. Immediately, we see that the impact of a new strain of coronavirus is also rapidly decreasing. Experts record a drop in requests for allowances. The calls have become much fewer. The total number of unemployed was 1,630,000, almost 3% less than the previous week.

As of January 29 of this year, the indicator stopped at 240,000 requests. The researchers also took into account seasonal fluctuations ready. If we look at the unadjusted numbers, the figure stopped at 257,000. According to experts, seasonal factors, on the contrary, should have caused the figure to increase by 4.2%. Recall that in the last week of last year, the figure rose to almost 850,000 requests.

It has also been learned that major US states have reported that the total number of jobless claims has fallen. For example, in Ohio, the index decreased by 5,000 applications, in Kentucky – 2,330, in Illinois – by 2,100. But in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana, the index increased by several dots. Remember that these data were collected by specialists from the Ministry of Labour.

The agency said the breakdown by state also includes pre-requests. The State is responsible for the payment of benefits. However, the study did identify where the highest unemployment rate is. Here we can distinguish the following regions of the country: Alaska, Virgin Islands, New Jersey, Minnesota, California, New York, Rhode Island, Illinois, Kentucky and Massachusetts. It also became clear that the payday same day loans is a very hot topic in the United States. Many US residents turn to banking institutions for help when they lose their jobs in their state.

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Patrick F. Williams