▶️ The Deschutes Historical Museum will host its first antique fair in over 20 years


It is the first of its kind, at least in this century.

Objects of all shapes and sizes from before the 1970s will flood the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum this weekend for an antique fair. It’s an event that museum staff hope to see become a cornerstone of the community.

For the past eight months, board member Jane Williamson has been accepting donations in her garage for the return of the fundraiser from years ago.

“We had an antique fair in Drake Park probably in the 90s, and it was very well received and it ended because they were reducing the number of activities in the park,” Williamson said. “And so we thought, well, that’s something we could have.”

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She estimated that they had received up to 300 items dating back to the 1800s from members of the museum for their personal booth.

They will be joined by 12 other antique vendors, food carts and music on the lawn on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

An appraiser will be available from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to help visitors appraise their personal treasures.

“We wanted an event on the lawn, but it also draws people to the museum,” Williamson said. “The museum will be open for free on this day, only thanks to donations, but it gives people the opportunity to come and see our wonderful museum.”

A fundraiser and a helping hand.

Deschutes Historical Museum Antiques Fair

Adrian Bennett, chairman of the board of the Deschutes Historical Society, said fundraisers are especially important after the COVID shutdown.

“It hurts in terms of people coming to the museum, obviously, in terms of entrance fees and that sort of thing,” he said. “But this year has been pretty good, and we’re pleasantly surprised by how many people are showing up.”

He said they were amazed at the number of donations to the antique fair so far.

“Things have happened pretty steadily judging by the amount of stuff we have here that we kind of have to move again without breaking, because a lot of these things are porcelain,” Bennett said. “It’ll be interesting trying to get him out of here!”

Deschutes Historical Museum Antiques Fair

Clocks, toys, glassware, furniture, old magazines and, as Bennett said, china. It’s what they call a “potpourri” of collectibles.

It’s a humble start for what they hope will become a staple of the Bend events calendar and the state’s antique circuit.

“We hope to expand it,” Williamson said. “We think we could have 45 vendors on the lawn with 10 out of 10 stalls if we had it totally full.”

Bennett said the location will likely separate it from other antique fairs.

“It’s at the old Reed school. It’s not just in a park somewhere,” he said. “It’s in a historic building, in a historic site, and that gives it more “panache” if you will than maybe others.”


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