4 Free Historical Places in Surabaya Worth Visiting


TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe capital of the province of East Java, Surabaya, has many historical sites to visit. It is recognized as the city of heroes in honor of its fighters against the Dutch and Japanese forces for the independence of Indonesia.

Here are four tourist destinations in the city that offer free entry tickets:

1. Kota Tua or Old Town

As quoted on the city page bangga.surabaya.go.id, Kota Tua is located in the north of Surabaya. Tourists can experience architecture tours in this area which was redeveloped in 2018 to preserve cultural heritage sites.

Visitors can take photos at many places with views of vintage and classic architecture, including Jembatan Merah or the Red Bridge. Although there is no entrance fee, the parking fee is Rp 2,000 for a motorbike and Rp 5,000 for a car.

2. Tugu Pahlawan or the Hero Monument

One of the city’s must-see historical tours is the Heroes Monument which is located on Jalan Pahlawan. This site is popular and becomes an icon of the city. No entrance fees for all visitors except November 10, National Heroes Day, at Rp 5,000.

3. HOS Tjokroaminoto Museum

This museum was once the residence of nationalist heroes, namely Ir. Soekarno, Samaoen, Alimin, Darsono and Tan Malaka. The name was taken from the name of the nation’s teacher, HOS Tjokroaminoto. Many great personalities studied and discussed with him and even lived in this house.

The museum is located on Jalan Peneleh Gg, VII No. 29 – 31 Peneleh, Genteng.

4. Dr. Soetomo Museum

The Dr. Soetomo Museum was established to commemorate the fighter and founder of the first organization of the independence movement in Indonesia, Budi Utomo.

Located in the Pendopo complex of the Indonesian National Building (GNI), on Jalan Bubutan No. 85 to 87, the museum exhibits 328 collections of ancient medical devices and photos.


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