Boulder Junction Historical Museum open and looking for volunteers | Local news

Josie Blaisdell-Allen loves to share the story, in large part because her family is part of that story.

“My family came in 1896 and they squatted Island Number Three,” Josie said.

As secretary of the Boulder Junction Area Historical Society, Josie meets people who also have a history in the area. Like other museums, Boulder Junction had to close last year due to COVID-19. Josie said it was difficult.

We have lost a lot of donations. We survive on donations and it hurts a lot. “

She was also not able to teach others. “Eighth grade students from North Lakeland usually come to see the museum and they can’t do it,” and that’s kinda sad. “

The museum reopened in June. Foot traffic was a bit slow. Josie thinks people are still hesitant to come in, but she said she was able to share the story with 500 people already this summer, “while learning something new herself.

“I’m learning so much from all of these people, so if I keep going I’ll know a lot more in a few years,” Josie said. But it’s great, we are learning from each other. “

The historical society is looking for volunteers to help share the history of the area. He would also appreciate more photos and stories of people. The museum is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also request a different day or time.

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Patrick F. Williams