Door County Historical Museum and Archives project moves forward


The Door County Board of Supervisors last week hired design firm Dorschner Associates for $37,600 to proceed with a Phase I plan for the Door County Historical Museum and Archives project.

Phase I includes schematic design and design development to flesh out the estimated construction costs for the project. Before proceeding with Phase II of the capital project – construction documents and tender – the county council will have the opportunity to “check in and decide if they wish to proceed”, said Ken Pabich, county administrator.

The scope of the project is to build an addition to the existing museum for additional museum space and archive space. Recent estimates put the construction costs of the addition at $4.6 million.

In 2019, the county purchased the former Younkers building at 56 N. 4th Ave. in Sturgeon Bay for $505,000, with plans to use the vacant 22,000 square foot building next to the Door County Historical Museum for archival space and parking. . But a recently completed master plan for all buildings in Door County’s Sturgeon Bay did not determine any specific uses for the Younkers building except to retain the museum parking lot.

Door County purchased this 22,000 square foot building at 56 N 4th Ave. in Sturgeon Bay in 2019 for $505,000. At that time, the county thought they could use the building for the museum, which is just across the street, as an archive space and parking lot. A master plan delivered earlier this year indicated there were no specific county needs for the property except to retain the parking lot. Photo by Rachel Lukas.

In response to a question from supervisor Vinni Chomeau about the possibility of using the Younkers Building for the museum project, Wayne Spritka, Door County Facilities and Parks Manager, said he hadn’t seen it happen. produce.

“It’s just not the right space for archives and museum space,” he said.

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Patrick F. Williams