List of major historical events that occurred on October 16


A date is of great importance in the study of historical events. It is important to document history chronologically. So, on the contrary, let’s take a look into the past to understand the importance of October 16 of yesteryear.

The list of major historical events that occurred on October 16 is as follows:

Partition of Bengal

Bengal was partitioned along religious lines when partition came into effect in 1905, three months after the Viceroy of British India Lord Curzon proclaimed his intention to do so. Bengal – and India – would never be the same again, despite an attempt to undo its division on October 16, 1905, and reunify the state in 1911.

Armed nationalism and the Swadeshi movement represented opposition to the partition of Bengal. One of the first large-scale demonstrations was planned at the Calcutta City Hall on August 7, 1905. October 16, Division Day, was designated as a day of sorrow and fasting. Crowds of loud people sang Rabindranath Tagore’s song “Amar Sonar Bangla”. As the protests spread to the rest of the state, cries of “Bande Mataram” echoed through the streets. The use of home-made items instead of imported ones became a practical way to oppose divisiveness as well as a nationalist symbol. The large-scale burning of foreign-made garments was another phenomenon of the Swadeshi movement.

Denmark has abandoned its right-wing involvement in India

From 1774 to 1757, Denmark controlled the islands from Tranqehar, a Danish stronghold on Indian soil. On October 16, 1868, she sold the rights to the islands to the British. In 1869, the British included it in their empire. Between these periods, Denmark frequently left the island due to an epidemic of malaria. In the meantime, Italians and Austrians had also attempted to populate the islands.

In 1869, this island was abandoned by Denmark and given to Great Britain. From 1778 to 1807 and 1834, when the Danes sold their assets in India, including Tranquebar and Serampore, they finally succeeded in establishing their colony there. However, they retained control of Nicobar until 1869. They attempted a similar expedition to HMS Beagle in 1848. Possession was eventually sold to the British after that also failed.

Massive cyclone hits West Bengal

There was a powerful cyclonic storm over the Bay of Bengal. It struck near the border between Odisha and West Bengal, killing over 61,000 people. Wind speed was measured at 225 km/h (140 mph), making it the worst cyclone to date to cause so many casualties.

Besides these historical events, October 16 is also the birth anniversary of many famous politicians, including Hema Malini, and also the death anniversary of some.

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