New Executive Director of Oklahoma Historical Society Tours Wagoner City Historical Museum with Legendary Music Director Jim Halsey | New


All of these guys have the ability – with the right amount of marketing and promotions – to turn a small town museum like Wagoner’s museum into a national treasure.

Furnas, who works for Halsey, said the museum’s flair, coupled with its exclusive exhibits of musical and historical content, is already a country-worthy exhibit.

“By bringing this (museum) here, people can nominate their own city council or the mayor and say, yes, we understand. We understand it. That’s why he’s here. This is the place that brings people to town and says we know our musical history. Furnas said.

It was not easy to bring the museum to the pristine caliber it is in now.

Go back a few years ago and the mayor of Wagoner, Albert Jones (AJ) would be the first to tell you that the museum was not very busy. The carpets were old and many historical items were not well organized.

Fortunately, a few dollars later, the museum received a total facelift. The carpet was ripped off and new exhibits were brought in, among other things. Specifically, the museum was divided into two parts: the Jim Halsey Country Music Collection of the individuals and groups he managed and the story of Wagoner’s beginnings from 1887 to 1907.

“We believe that by hosting this iconic exhibit, we are enriching the lives of the people who pass here,” said Halsey, 90. “People who come to Tulsa can go to OKPOP and then come here or they can come here and we send them to OKPOP, or Oklahoma City.”

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Patrick F. Williams