Panhandle Plains Historical Museum joins “Museums for All” program reducing admission fees for low-income families

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum is joining the “Museums for All” program to lower admission rates for low-income families so they can learn more about our local history.

Being the largest history museum in the state, spanning over 285,000 square feet and housing over two million artifacts, museum staff wanted to support children’s development with what it offered.

“There have been tons of studies done that children who are exposed to museums and who come to learn in museums are more active in their communities,” said Stephanie Price, director of marketing for the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. . “They are better citizens, they lead a better future.”

The program allows families with SNAP benefits with an EBT card to enter with a $3 admission fee covering up to four people.

With many exhibits on display, kids can have deeper learning experiences than they can get in the classroom.

“If they go to our pioneer town, they can experience how people lived back then in relation to reading in their classrooms,” said Anna Parsons, marketing assistant at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. “It’s just something really unique compared to any other museum in this area.”

Temporary exhibits currently on display include “Texas Dressed” showing costumes from the outdoor musical and the Prohibition era.

Their upcoming “Items of Enchantment” exhibit related to the fairy tale items we commonly see is set to open in the spring.

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