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The Manatee Middle School Girl Up Club was invited to visit the Marco Island Historical Museum on Saturday, April 23. Four local women’s groups partnered to organize the event and provided lunch in the Rose Story Auditorium. The Marco Island Chapter of the DAR, museum staff, local historical re-enactors and the Marco Island Women’s Club have joined forces to plan a fabulous visit for the Girl Up Club.

The members of Girl Up were particularly interested in the Girl Camera Exhibit featuring diaries and photos taken on Marco Island by Saloma and Orida Olds in the early 1900s. Prior to this event, Betsy Perdichizzi, a local author and DAR member, attended a Girl Up meeting to present the Olds family history. She gifted each Girl Up member a copy of her book The Pioneer Girl’s Journal based on the diaries and letters of Saloma and Orida Olds. Rebecca Mazeroski from the museum, spoke to the girls about the Girl Camera Exposure.

The girls experienced a lively and informative tour. Members of the DAR and the Woman’s Club gave presentations on the exterior features of the museum campus. Local re-enactors Betsy Perdichizzi, Carolyn Rosenfeld, Jory Westberry, Barbara Malta and Cindi Kramer portrayed characters from Marco’s past, bringing the past to life. A highlight was a presentation by Lucy Hollingsworth, granddaughter of Rosalie Olds and grandniece of Saloma and Orida. On Girl Camera exhibition postcards, Ms. Hollingworth wrote inspirational personal messages to each Girl Up member. Additionally, the girls saw the Key Marco Cat featured and learned of its 1896 excavation on Marco Island. This fun morning ended with a wonderful lunch at the Rose History Auditorium.

Emily Duron Guzman is an eighth grade student at Manatee Middle School and Girl Up Member/Leader.

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