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wire harness Market: Insight

The wire harness market is expected to grow at a notable speed in the coming years. The growth of the market has been possible due to the growing contribution of electronics manufacturing, aerospace, medical device and automotive power supply industries to develop a base for manufacturers in the wire harness industry. Additionally, the growing complexity related to vehicle electronics and electrical features also serves as a driving factor to boost the growth in the global market.

New generation vehicles sometimes come with over 150 pounds of wiring, which further leads to an increase in the applications of the countless wiring harnesses in a single vehicle. Thus, due to this factor, a rapid increase in market demand opportunities has been predicted.

The food industry around the world has driven the demand for low cost vending machine wire harnesses. These custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies have increased productivity levels in the food industry. Manufacturers in the market strive to produce safe, durable and reliable wire harnesses for catering equipment and machinery. Thus, these innovative yarn assemblies are expected to create growth opportunities in the market.


wire harness Market: Key trends

The automotive industry has witnessed rapid progress in recent years which is expected to create stable revenue streams for companies operating in the wire harness market. On the other hand, there are some common symptoms related to the bad wiring harness, including frequent and rapid loss of battery charge. These factors are driving the major players to offer vehicle-trailer wiring that includes a simple and fun electrical device, which eliminates the need for splicing, soldering and cutting at the time of the installation process. This type of wiring has become popular in different entertainment and lighting systems. Due to these factors, the market is expected to grow at a remarkable speed in the coming years.

Some vehicles on the market come without a trailer tow package and are probably not equipped with the trailer wiring connector. Thus, the manufacturers of the wire harnesses market are increasing the availability of custom wire harnesses. These harnesses are easy to plug into the vehicle power system and boost growth avenues in the global market.


wire harness Market: Competitive dynamics and key developments

The wire harnesses market has been highly competitive with the presence of some key market players across the globe. These market players have applied countless strategies in the industry to generate growth prospects in the coming years. Among these growth opportunities, expansion of the distribution network, portfolio diversion, product development and launches, expansion of the company’s footprint through partnerships and subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions and R&D activities are widely used by market players.

For example, LEONI developed two new cables in July 2020. These cables are useful for industrial data transmission used in torsion applications and drag chains.

Leading players in the Wire Harness market are:

    • Aptiva SA
    • AmWINS Group Inc.
    • Furukawa Electric Co.
    • Fujikura Ltd.
    • Lear Corp.
    • LEONI S.A.
    • Mother-son group
    • Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.
    • THB Group

wire harness Market: Regional assessment

The wire harness market has been segmented into Europe, North America, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, and South America. The Asia-Pacific region, among other geographic locations, is predicted to dominate the market revenue. This market dominance of the region in the global market has been possible due to the growing production of vehicles in the region. In recent years, manufacturers in the wire harness market have been striving to adopt lightweight materials for the wire harness and this factor is expected to contribute to the growth prospects of the regional market.


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